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Gear List

So you've booked your spot on one of our camps? Great! This is what you will need to bring

□ Sleeping bag

□ Pillow

□ 2 Towels

□ Togs/Swim wear

□ Riding Boots or Gumboots (Essential)

□ Lots of Socks

□ Sand-shoes/Trainers

□ Clothing suitable for Riding i.e Track pants or Jodhpurs

□ Wet Weather Jacket (Essential)

□ Aqua shoes/Ballet shoes/Canvas shoes (For vaulting if you have them)

□ Helmet (we will provde a helmet if you do not own one)

□ Chaps and own whip (if you have them)

□ Toothbrush and personal toiletries etc

□ Chap-stick

□ Pocket Tissues

□ Insect repellent

□ Sun hat (essential during summer)

□ Sun block (essential during summer)

□ Hot water bottle (optional)

□ Drink Bottle

□ Small back pack/day pack

□ Small packet of marshmallows for camp fire (to be handed in at start of camp)

□ Pocket Money for Tuck Shop, lollies, soft-drinks ...etc (Money handed in on arrival and a Tab is run)

Please name all your clothing and/or belongings

For a full list and more information about whilst your child is on camp click here

For those bringing own ponies please make sure you bring enough supplement feed for the time horse/pony is at camp, please ensure horse/pony has recently been wormed, hooves trimmed or shod and not unwell (this is to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses to other horses)..

Do not bring to camp any alcohol, banned substances, matches, lighters,fireworks, knives (including pocket knives) or any other article that could be harmful to themselves or others.

Cell Phones/laptops/iphones/ipads/Mp3 players and any other electronic devices are encouraged to be left at home but will be allowed at camp during free time, and at your own risk, Tui Glen will not be responsible for lost, stolen or misuse by your child or other children on camp.

We prefer younger children not to have Cell phones or if they do (ie 11 years and under) to hand them in and phone home only at specified times as this sometimes can be a problem with homesickness when they have access to phones all the time.


We are well used to dealing with homesickness and can work through the problem, TuiGlen Owners/Managers will contact the parents or guardian if the child was/is truly distressed.

Please do not call TuiGlen unless there is an emergency.

If you need to relay a message to you child then please send an email, we will either take them to the side or relay the message on our notice board.

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